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CI&T Wins Two Acquia MVP Awards

Program Recognizes CI&T’s Outstanding and Innovative Contributions for their work with Johnson & Johnson and Commonwealth Financial Network

CI&T’s André Toledo Modesto de Souza was awarded an Acquia MVP for work with Johnson & Johnson, which manages hundreds of sites across separate Acquia Cloud subscriptions aligned with business units. de Souza created a custom automation tool utilizing Acquia Cloud API to provision, manage, and release sites across all subscriptions, for example, migrating content files from a site on one subscription and deploying as a new site on a different subscription.

CI&T and Fernando Genghini was also awarded an Acquia MVP for work with Commonwealth Financial Network®, the nation’s largest privately held independent broker/dealer–RIA, which sought to launch, govern, and manage nearly 1,000 websites of their affiliated financial advisors. Genghini utilized the Acquia Cloud Site Factory APIs to build customized dashboards that integrate with the external content approval workflow required to meet compliance standards, as well as a site creation wizard that simplifies site provisioning by embedding the selection of site design and base content specific to the financial advisor’s focus areas.

“MVP Award winners reflect the superb technical strength of our partners across a broad range of Acquia products and focus areas; they’re among the most innovative digital professionals working to deliver ambitious digital experiences,” said Joe Wykes, senior vice president of global channels and commerce at Acquia. “The MVP Awards underscore how CI&T, through their innovation, creative strategy, and solution delivery, are delivering an unequalled return on investment to customers.”

In 2014, CI&T was also honored with two Acquia MVP awards.

Read all about the award here:

CI&T Wins Mobile Excellence Award for Sprite Snapchat campaign

CI&T won in the Best Social Community for Mobile category for our work on the Sprite RFRSH Na Lata campaign at the 9th Annual Mobile Excellence Awards. The MEAs recognize innovation and leadership in mobile entertainment, lifestyle and technology.

The RFRSH Na Lata campaign has turned every can of Sprite into a digital touchpoint for customers to discover fresh content and make new connections. The idea was to encourage customers to submit their Snapcodes for a chance to have their Snapchat account featured on millions of cans.

CI&T is very proud with this achievement, as the award represents the very best in mobile innovation, technology breakthroughs, and entertainment platforms.

You can read more about the award here ( and the case here (

CI&T featured in Forrester annual report: “Build Five-Star Mobile Apps”

CI&T’s Head of Digital, Paulo Camara, shares insights on incorporating design, testing and Kanban

This week, Forrester Research VP Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond published his annual Build 5-Star Mobile Apps report and yet again CI&T was featured and frequently mentioned.

CI&T was identified by Forrester as one of the top mobile development shops that is heeding best practices to build highly rated apps, specifically for bringing design talent to the development team. “Nearly every development shop we spoke with has at least one designer working directly with developers throughout. Some, like CI&T, go one step further and train developers in design basics to make communication with their colleagues more efficient.” Further, regarding the importance of testing on real devices Camara is quoted as saying, “We work closely with our customers to identify the platforms, screen sizes, and devices that their mobile apps must support, based on their app’s target audience and our experience. Our QA team uses this information to drive the testing strategy for that project.”

CI&T has long been committed to incorporating Lean principles into the software development process. The report also cites how CI&T uses a Kanban board in the “traditional Scrum process because it helps it manage unpredictable demand at an atomic scale.” Camara said: "In an engagement with a stable backlog and long release cycle, a Scrum-based methodology powered by Lean management processes is a good fit. In an engagement that demands more agility to handle changing or uncertain requirements, we apply Kanban alongside value prioritization techniques such as Kano, MoSCoW, and 100-point."

This year’s full report is available to Forrester clients, or for purchase, here:

CI&T quoted in Forrester report: “Use Modern Benchmarking For Modern Application Delivery”

CI&T VP of Global Accounts, Felipe Brito, is quoted in the Forrester Research report: “Use Modern Benchmarking For Modern Application Delivery” by Diego Lo Giudice published on December 16, 2016.

In the section that urges firms to “compare where their company is to where their customers need to be” by defining internal baselines to quickly assess the organization’s internal teams, Brito is quoted:

“We set a baseline for each Agile team after the first value activation release, usually consisting of four or five sprints, then we compare sprint after sprint to identify improvement opportunities.”

The full report is available to Forrester clients, or for purchase, here:

CI&T's President, Bruno Guicardi, named to Forbes Technology Council

We are proud to announce that Bruno Guicardi, Co-Founder and President of CI&T, has been selected to join the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Forbes created the council community to help unite the most influential technology leaders and entrepreneurs from businesses with offices in North America.

For more details on the Forbes Technology Council go here:

Read Bruno's latest blog post, Creating a Killer Deployment Strategy for Agile Growth, here:

Video: Motorola Moto Maker case study on stage at Acquia Engage

Check out the video detailing the Moto Maker success story from this year’s Acquia Engage event. It features Mike Potosky (IT Leader at Motorola) and Bruno Guicardi (President CI&T) during their session titled “Cloud, Microservices and Open Source”.

In record time, Motorola was able to revamp their online presence worldwide and replace a legacy e-commerce solution with Drupal and other open-source technologies.

See the complete presentation on Youtube by clicking the following link:

CI&T is finalist of the 2016 Acquia Engage Awards

The Acquia Engage Awards field of finalists features 88 projects selected from more than 150 partner and customer submissions; and CI&T is now a finalist in 4 categories: Commerce, Financial Services, Health Sciences, and Healthcare. We are very happy with the news since the awards program serves as a unique opportunity to showcase the best examples of our work implementing Drupal and Agile Growth strategies and solutions for our clients.

CI&T and Motorola

Financial Services:
CI&T and Commonwealth Financial Network

Heath Sciences:
CI&T and Johnson & Johnson: Pharmagenius

CI&T and Johnson & Johnson: Caring Crowd

Read more at:

Acquia highlights CI&T as digital agency partner for its conference

Acquia Engage returns this November, featuring an unprecedented lineup of Digital Experience Leaders. This year’s event, to be held in Boston, will highlight CI&T as tech partner and showcase our expertise as a digital agency. Also, CI&T is the only partner with four nominations for the Acquia Engage Awards. You can read more here:

Stay tuned: Bruno Guicardi, CI&T CEO, will have a keynote during the event on Cloud, Microservices and Open source: the future of content and commerce integration (November 3, from 10:30 am to 11:30 am) So if you’re attending, please come visit us at the Partner Pavilion in the Boston Park Plaza. We’d love to see you!

Forbes: Design Sprints get your ideas to the finish line faster

Bruno Guicardi, CI&T’s President, has contributed an article to on how design sprints can help companies get new ideas to the finish line in just 5 days.

Click here to read the original article and learn how to:
  • Understand the user needs, business need and technology capacities.
  • Define the key strategy and areas of focus.
  • Diverge by exploring as many ideas as possible.
  • Converge and decide on the best ideas.
  • Prototype.
  • Validate your ideas with users, stakeholders and technical experts.
Do you have a challenge that may benefit from a Design Sprint? Let’s talk!

CIO Story features CI&T's POV on Leveraging Cloud to Stay Agile

CI&T President, Bruno Guicardi, has contributed an article to CIO Story called "Optimize Your Agile Growth Strategy with Cloud".
Read the article here:

Execution Is Everything: Creating a Killer Deployment Strategy for Agile Growth

By Bruno Guicardi - President CI&T

Just a year ago, headlines were littered with tales of Nokia and Microsoft’s “failed acquisition.” In fact, the stories on Nokia were filled with so much doom and gloom that we almost forgot just how transformative this company has been over the years. Just consider: This venerable company started as a pulp mill in 1865, reinvented itself many times over the next 100+ years and eventually became one of the world’s leading mobile companies. So where did it all go wrong? There are lots of theories out there. But I would argue that Nokia’s inability to make the leap from a mobile handset manufacturer to a leader in the new digital economy was the cause of its unraveling.

Granted, Nokia and the countless other companies that have lost their way had some sort of vision. But we’ve seen time and time again that having a vision gets you into the game, though it’s no guarantee of a win. Companies need to be able to effectively deploy their strategy, and most importantly, plan to adapt. This is the key to an Agile Growth strategy. The challenges many companies face, however, are two-fold: Today’s fast-changing environment means that you need to revise your strategy faster and more frequently, and organizational silos often turn departments into proverbial ships passing in the night.

Review, revise and repeat…your strategy, that is In our recent e-book, entitled Igniting Your Agile Growth Strategy, we discussed how digital transformation should be thought of more as a journey than a final destination. The implication here is that you should constantly review and revise your strategy. Further, the focus should initially be on deployment and engaging middle management. This helps ensure that everyone is aligned across departments and focused on the same near- and long-term objectives.

Review, revise and repeat…your strategy, that is.

In our recent e-book, entitled Igniting your Agile Growth strategy, we emphasize that digital transformation should be thought of more as a journey than a final destination. The implication here is that you should constantly review and revise your strategy. Further, the focus should initially be on deployment and engaging middle management. This helps ensure that everyone is aligned across departments and focused on the same near- and long-term objectives. Do you know the difference between having specialized teams that work collaboratively versus departments that don’t know they each exist? The former is key to success while the latter represents the dreaded silo, which no longer has a place in your organization if your goal is to be agile. The problem is that silos get in the way of translating strategies across departments. Individual departments don’t communicate with each other; and they invariably interpret your organization’s transformation strategy with their own agendas in mind.

3 necessary rules for deploying your strategy

Over the years, we’ve seen what works. And as you take the leap into the digital realm, here are three necessary ingredients for a well-conceived deployment strategy. First, make sure to incorporate shorter feedback cycles. The outside world is constantly changing and you need to validate your initial hypothesis. What may be correct today could be wrong tomorrow. So if your learning cycle is too long, you run a greater risk of failure.

On a practical level, this may mean that you use sandboxes—or controlled environments to safely experiment with new ideas—which allow you to validate your hypothesis before rolling out your strategy across the entire company. For example, when Lenovo’s Motorola Mobility wanted to explore the idea of going direct to consumer, it initially focused on one product line, after which it decided to scale worldwide. This made their approach more scientific and less of a bet.

The second rule I’ll suggest is to focus on technology that actually works. This may sound obvious, but too often companies focus on technology that’s available or approved by IT. However, the team running the sandbox will need the latitude to explore different options rather than operating within the constraints of bureaucratic IT policies that hinder innovation. Think of it this way: Putting technology first is akin to having R&D embedded within your business. Instead of innovating in name only, you now have an agile approach where everyone involved has the freedom to adapt and solve problems.

Third, you should organize your teams for success. Ideally, you should start with two core teams that cut across departments: One that is focused on the functional side and another that concentrates on customer value. The functional team ensures that your new initiatives work as they should while the customer value team assesses feedback from the marketplace. What your left with is an approach that allows you to organize across silos and take advantage of a full range of skill sets, such as UX, design, sales, etc. This structure also ensures that there’s a fluid and efficient process for creating the best possible product that your customers will actually value, while also reducing internal politics that get in the way of your success.

My last pearl of wisdom…

As you evaluate the effectiveness of your own digital transformation, I want to leave you with this Brazilian proverb: Between the beginning and the end, there’s always a middle. The “middle” is that crucial point during your transformation where your actions have the most consequence. Meanwhile, your success or failure is simply the outcome. So make sure to deploy your strategy with speed and adaptability—and the marketplace will reward you for your efforts.

By Bruno Guicardi - President CI&T

Case Study: Commonwealth Financial Network

CI&T built new digital platform for enhanced customer experience and analytics

CI&T partnered with Acquia to leverage its Acquia Cloud Site Factory tool and build a new digital platform for Commonwealth, providing a totally revamped UX and mobile friendly web portal to more than 800 financial advisors.

See the complete case study here:

News: CI&T Reaches $100M Global Revenue Milestone In 2015, Set To Maintain Momentum In 2016

Digital Tech Agency Opens 5 Global Offices, Doubles Staff, Adds 14 Clients to Roster; Lauded by Google with First-of-its-Kind Partner Award

NEW YORK, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CI&T, the digital technology agency empowering agile growth for the world's biggest companies including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Motorola among others is announcing that it has reached a record $100M revenue milestone in 2015 for the first time in its 20-year history. It has also already achieved 25 percent year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2016 and on-boarded 14 new clients including Google, Motorola and GE.

Fueled by success in key markets including New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta, and the addition of new offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, CI&T is also celebrating a 50 percent spike in year-over-year growth in the U.S. alone. Over the past 18 months, the company has added 650 new employees, creating a powerful global base of 2,000 CI&T professionals in six countries. In addition to new stateside offices, CI&T has a strategic presence in London, Tokyo and Shanghai, with plans to open Singapore in 2016, to meet growing demand for its unique approach to empowering agile growth.

"CI&T continues to see solid growth as more and more top companies understand that in the digital age, agility is the key to growth," said Bruno Guicardi, president, North America. "There aren't many companies set up to leverage next generation technologies that can reduce the time from idea to live digital products. We have become the global market leader in agile growth and are on track to continue this leadership in 2016 and beyond."

CI&T empowers agile growth in the world's biggest companies by leveraging next generation technologies including cloud, mobility, IoT, machine learning/AI and processes like Design Thinking and Lean Methodologies. CI&T works closely with Fortune 100 companies to identify areas where these technologies can have the biggest impact and then develops a plan for implementation. The result is that CI&T enables these enterprise giants to move quickly and nimbly so more bold ideas get to market faster and with a greater ability to adapt over time. Select work includes:

Coca-Cola worked with CI&T on one of the biggest digital marketing campaigns in Coca-Cola's history - the creation of their Happiness Flag at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. CI&T developed the submission platform using Google Cloud Platform and the highly scalable Google App Engine (GAE) capable of handling images from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email from across the world.

CI&T also built the submission platform for Sprite's Snapchat "RFRESH" campaign which incentivized millennials and the Gen Z audience to submit their "Snapcode" (QR code) for the opportunity to be printed on millions of soda cans.

CI&T is helping Google to achieve high efficiency while building internal systems that support its business.
Google showcased its appreciation for CI&T by awarding the company with a special recognition. The "Most Googley Cloud Partner of the Year" celebrates CI&T's stellar Google partnership and consistent innovation. Of the award, which was recently presented at the 2016 Google TeamWork Partner Event in Las Vegas, a Google representative said: "This award is to recognize that you meet what we expect from a partner and set the bar for the others."

In addition to their client work, CI&T also builds its own innovative products such as Smart Canvas, a SaaS Solution that leverages machine learning to improve collaboration inside enterprise companies who use Google Apps. Smart Canvas is one of five platforms identified by Forrester Research for making strides in solving the "collaboration paradox" in organizations.

About CI&T

CI&T is the digital technology agency empowering agile growth for the world's biggest companies by leveraging advanced technologies including Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning/AI, Social, Mobility. For over 20 years, CI&T has been a trusted partner in helping global businesses such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart and Motorola build, manage, and transform the enterprise through the right combination of next generation technologies. With 2000 Digital Business Experts and Engineers in the USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Japan, and China, CI&T is big enough to handle the needs of Fortune 100 clients while remaining agile, lean and able to move bold ideas to market fast.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:

CI&T named among 20 Most Promising Google Tech Solution Providers 2016

CIO Review features CI&T as top Google Cloud Partner, leader in Advanced Technologies

CI&T has been selected as one of the 20 Most Promising Google Tech Solution Providers 2016 by CIO Review. As a three time Google Cloud Partner of the Year, most recently being named "Most Googley" partner, CI&T was chosen based on a selection panel that evaluated the capabilities of several vendors who support core businesses and are at the forefront of tackling challenges in Google’s technology landscape.

CI&T’s featured article is titled Digital Solutions for Nimble Giants and highlights a quote from Bruno Guicardi, CI&T’s President North America: “After 20 years of being on the bleeding edge of innovation in technology, we know the only way to win the game is by learning faster".

Read CI&T’s feature here: and the entire edition here: Note CI&T full page ad on page 7.

Agile got a seat at the C-suite table

It has been a long time in the making. The moment when Agile starts to spread beyond its mostly known IT stronghold into the broader industry.

While Lean had its roots in manufacturing based on the widely publicized Toyota Production System, the benefits of the Agile mindset applies to a much larger group of businesses. Considering that even after 30 years only a small number of organizations are using it outside of IT functions, shows how difficult it is to bring transformational change to human behaviors.

Now Agile has got a new spotlight. With the recent piece in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) magazine, more executives will start to look at Embracing Agile in their organizations. Some with the right mindset, others reacting to the newly created buzz. But still, the new seat at the C-level table could mean a new spurt of growth for traditional industries that have seen their ability to innovate, increase productivity and improve customer satisfactions dwindling and at record lows.

“Agile innovation has revolutionized the software industry, which has arguably undergone more rapid and profound change than any other area of business over the past 30 years. Now it is poised to transform nearly every other function in every industry. At this point, the greatest impediment is not the need for better methodologies, empirical evidence of significant benefits, or proof that agile can work outside IT. It is the behavior of executives. Those who learn to lead agile’s extension into a broader range of business activities will accelerate profitable growth.”

Being able to bring this engine of Agile Growth into new areas of the organization, breaking silos and transforming their businesses will be the primary challenges executives who embark on this journey will find.

Steve Denning’s piece in Forbes is a great addition to the HBR article. It brings the importance of the Agile mindset in this transformational journey. An Agile Transformation focusing on only following a methodology is akin to trying to bring Digital Transformation by building a mobile app. It’s not rooted in values, principles, and a new mindset.

Having been involved in Agile since 2001, one of the hardest mindset shifts I have seen people experience is to overcome the fear of change, which when conquered, frees them to embrace change and champion it. Traditional management styles of command-and-control focus on pushing towards a predefined objective minimizing unpredictable outcomes or changes. It’s also based on a vision that leadership will always know where they want to go and how to get there, so the most direct path to it should be the best one.

Agile embraces change. It acknowledges that the ‘where’ and the ‘how’ are fluid. And it requires the humbling exercise of leadership openly stating that the details are unknown.

The Agile mindset provides the realization that in a fast-changing world, the best leaders are not those who can predict and plan long in advance, but those who can help their teams to adapt faster than everybody else. Empowered by the Agile mindset the best leaders bring a human-centered transformation to management practices.

CI&T started using Agile in 2006 as an IT project methodology. But it didn’t stop there. As the Agile mindset took over the process approach, a transformational wave across the organization started to bring results in all areas. Human Resources. Finance. Executive planning. Quarterly reviews. The challenges and modus operandi are different, but the mindset is the same.

So during your organization’s next executive meeting when you are drafting a 1-year or 5-year plan, the Agile mindset needs to have a seat at the table. And I hope, every seat at that table.

CI&T is "Most Googley Cloud Partner of the Year"

The award came during Team Work 2016 event, in Las Vegas

We are very proud to announce that CI&T has been awarded the "Most Googley Cloud Partner of the Year" in Las Vegas during the Google TeamWork partner event.

And if you ask if this award already existed, the answer comes from Google: "We created this award for you, to recognize that you meet what we expect from a partner and set the bar for the others".

Here are highlights about CI&T. They:

• Have solutions that stretch and use every aspect of our platform
• Have taken dog fooding to an art form
• Throughout uncertainty continues to work with clients, Googlers and other partners in a collaborative/kind world
• Takes risks early and often to create client solutions in new fields and inhouse products - they have taken the idea of moonshots to heart
• Sharing their best and brightest to build the open source community through our GDE program
• Have partnered to support tech partners and fellow services partners to grow their businesses
• We are proud to have this company, their brand, and most of all their people as a part of this family

CI&T at SXSW 2016

Machine Learning, AI, Customer Experience emerge as key themes

This year, CI&T sent a team of 20 collaborators to Austin, TX for the innovation festival.

CI&T's Smart Canvas took to the main stage at Google Cloud Platform NEXT

From Idea to Market in Less than 6 months: Creating a New Product with GCP

CI&T's Head of Technology, +Daniel Viveiros, shared this presentation on Smart Canvas at today's +GoogleCloud NEXT in San Francisco, CA.

Start-ups and big enterprises alike have a common challenge: ideas cannot wait for years to become a digital product capable of scaling with unpredictable demand. Speed is key, but so is making the right architectural decisions from the beginning. The goal should be preserving initial investments while guaranteeing product robustness.

Check out for more info and let us know your thoughts!

Add insights with machine learning

CI&T’s offering cited in recent Forrester Research reports

Not long ago, the term machine learning was met with excitement from the data science crowd, but virtual indifference from the larger (especially marketing-oriented) audience. In just a few short years, the practice is pervasive - and sought after - by business professionals of all kinds.

CI&T has spent years building expertise in machine learning and have applied it in transformative digital business initiatives with customers. We have also infused it into our own product, Smart Canvas, which uses machine learning to create better employee experiences around knowledge and content sharing.

Forrester Research has recognized CI&T’s efforts around machine learning in two recent reports. The first, “A Machine Learning Primer for BT Professionals,” by principal analyst Mike Gualtieri and analyst Rowan Curran, includes CI&T as a firm that offers a solution that includes “machine learning within large data and analytics offerings.”

In “Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Search And Knowledge Discovery,” by analyst Rowan Curran, Smart Canvas is identified as a “‘non-search’ way to solve search challenges.’’ The report goes on to say, “CI&T offers their Smart Canvas for intelligent and relevant content-serving to employees, with some customers looking at using it to replace existing search appliances.”

The complete reports are available to Forrester clients or for purchase via these links:



Do you need a CDO?

Companies looking to begin or continue their digital transformation will benefit from considering these five questions to help determine whether a Chief Digital Officer is necessary.

Do you need a Chief Digital Officer?

1) Is the marketplace where I compete undergoing—or vulnerable to—significant changes that are reshaping value?

2) Is my company ready to move beyond basic digital experiments and embark on a fundamental and integrated transformation of the business?

3) Is my company ready to signal its digital-transformation efforts to audiences both internal and external?

4) Do we need a disruptive perspective from someone who can objectively and credibly challenge the status quo with a “digital first” mind-set?

5) Does the current leadership team have the capacity to steward the digital transformation and support this new role?

*Source: Sept 2015: ‘Transformer in Chief’

Contact CI&T to discuss your company's digital strategy:

CI&T is on the forefront of discovering new ways to deliver value to the business

Lean IT is a fundamental framework for IT management

More than a mindset, Lean IT is a fundamental framework for IT management. This approach explores the potential speed, efficiency and quality of the agile development model, but it also goes a step further. Through concepts such as Value Engineering, Lean IT allows us to assess and analyze IT initiatives based on the actual value gained, not merely in the execution of the original plan as scheduled.

Our commitment to Lean IT is closely aligned with our commitment to innovation, both of which have put CI&T on the forefront of discovering new ways to deliver value to the business and eliminate waste to help clients reduce costs and improve quality, speed and business agility.

“CI&T may not be on your shortlist yet, but that may not be the case for much longer. Lean development techniques coupled with a partner player mentality and creative, engaged development professionals forms a potent one-two punch with measurable results." ---- +Forrester, 2011.

Q&A: The Pathways and Apps Behind a Cognitive Computing Future

CI&T’s Mars Cyrillo shares his POV on why all companies will soon be using cognitive solutions in their applications.

In an interview published today by Nearshore Americas, Mars Cyrillo, CI&T’s VP of Products and Cognitive Solutions, details the evolution of apps that will leverage machine learning capabilities to build on top of each other — just like our brains evolved.
“There are many definitions of cognitive computing, but more and more people in the market understand that it means building systems capable of solving problems that are not very well defined. The variables change over time, so you need to collect a lot of data. You need to collect information about the context of the user and then make decisions based on questions like “what is the best answer to give for this user?” rather than “what is the right answer?” Because there is no right answer. Things evolve, and as things evolve the algorithms might figure out different paths that — while not necessarily the right answers — offer the best solution for that user in that context.”

Read the interview in full here:

10 Digital Predictions for 2016

Get to know our 10 Digital Predictions for 2016

More and more predictions are released at the end of the year, so CI&T also gathered 10 digital predictions for 2016 based on our digital strategists' expertise.

The material has a very direct approach so you can consume it easier and make it relevant to your business.

Check them out here:

Creating Serendipity - When digital experiences become physical

CI&T's Exec Business Director, Lucas Persona, gives insight into these magical moments

Creating Serendipity
When digital experiences become physical

Some call it luck. Others, pure chance. Those moments where a combination of events, rather mundane, happen at a time or sequence that makes it special, even magic.

As our surroundings start to include more and more digital components such as screens, connected appliances, sensors and widespread connectivity, what today is mostly referred to as digital experiences become physical.

Imagine that moment you get into the dressing room and your favorite song happens to be the next one playing. Or when you receive a coupon at the mall for discounted ice cream at a place just by the store that often has shoes you love. Or even when at the airport the screen at the gate is showing great things to do in Hawaii, that you happened to be checking out some time ago. Was it chance? Was it luck? What matters is that a combination of events created a special moment - a real experience much more than a digital one, enabled by an increasing convergence of digital technologies that allows for a better understanding of each of us, as consumers and individuals.

Most organizations are collecting large amounts of data accelerated by connected sensors and smart devices. Personal, social, behavioral and whatever else can be stored on scalable and accessible cloud infrastructure. It's often driven by a desire to capture everything in case there is something useful. Like extracting and storing oil before refineries existed, companies are collecting user data anticipating future value without a specific business case.

Others are already using that data looking to make more personal connections between their brands and customers. Applying machine learning to it and predicting behavior, they are making targeted approaches mostly in terms of deals, coupons or advertisement. There is an added value but it's a road that if not carefully tread can lead to over personalization and targeting, also triggering the creepy factor.

Bridging the digital and physical world allows for balancing that concern, while providing great experiences. Like fireworks, we are amazed by the show of lights and forms, in a synchronous dance that involve us. Except when fireworks are aimed at us. That special moment happens around us, not at us. Memorable but not intrusive.

Today the constraint is not a matter of technology availability anymore. Finding in real-time the commonality in a crowd, and changing the environment around them, seamlessly and subtly, opens the door for creating special experiences. Some call it serendipity. Created and real.

CI&T Featured in The Lean IT Field Guide - A Roadmap for Your Transformation

New book from Lean IT experts Michael Orzen and Thomas Paider highlights CI&T’s case study “A Tale of Alignment”

Lean IT Gurus Michael A. Orzen and Thomas A. Paider have teamed up to write a new practical IT guide book called “The Lean IT Field Guide - A Roadmap for Your Transformation” featuring a case study from CI&T. The passage highlights CI&T’s lean journey which began in 2007 and evolved as the company become obsessed with continuous improvement. In 2010, CI&T’s senior team began using Hoshin Kanri for strategic planning, and A3 methodologies became a communication tool used at all levels of the company. Soon after, monthly “What’s Going On?” sessions and PDCA cycles became ubiquitous as did quarterly strategic reports from CI&T CEO Cesar Gon who is often quoted: “We develop people before we develop software”.

The book is now available for sale on Amazon here:

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CI&T Wins Acquia Partner Site of the Year

Pharma/Life Sciences category goes to CI&T for J&J Innovation website

Acquia, the digital experience company, has selected CI&T as a recipient of the 2015 Partner Site of the Year award in the Pharma/Life Sciences category for J&J The site serves to unite Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers and resources from across the company to rapidly meet the needs of entrepreneurs and innovators.

The competition serves as a platform to showcase the best examples of digital innovation from Acquia partners. Winning projects were chosen by a select committee of industry experts evaluating each site based on best use of visual design, functionality, integration and overall customer experience.

“There’s a tremendous opportunity for brands to redefine digital strategy, engage visitors, and achieve maximum business impact through personalized digital experiences, and we continue to be blown away by what our partners are able to accomplish using Acquia and Drupal,” said Joe Wykes, vice president of global channels at Acquia. “Like Acquia, our partners are constantly pushing the envelope, and we believe these award-winning sites serve as a testament to that. We congratulate the finalists and the winners, their incredible work continues to raise the bar higher and higher for digital experience delivery.”

CI&T employs more than 300 Drupal experts worldwide including 25 Acquia Certified Developers.

For the +Acquia announcement, go here:

Info Byte: Digital to the Core

CI&T's Lucas Persona shares his perspective on digital experience for the enterprise and blurring the boundaries between digital and physical worlds.

There are three core forces that invoke digital disruption across all markets and industries - resolution revolution, compound uncertainty and boundary blurring. Gartner analysts outline these forces in a new book, Digital to the Core. Of the three, boundary blurring - when digital and physical worlds merge and established industries and organization structures are challenged - presents an incredible opportunity for digital executives to revamp their enterprise, but also their own approach to leadership, and most importantly, the digital experience provided to their customers.

Transformer in chief: The new chief digital officer

While the position isn’t exactly new, what’s required of the average CDO is.

Today's Chief Digital Officer, armed with multichannel data, can fight against long held company myths about their customers' needs, wants, and motivations. Having access to the insights from this data, will allow the CDO to rally everyone at the organization to approach business decisions with the question "How will this affect the customer?" Therefore, the CDO should lead the change in defining the customer-experience journey by mapping user data, and take ownership of implementing a custom solution to constantly learn from their customers and evolve how the business serves their needs.

+McKinsey & Company 

Machine learning is emerging as a solution for improved employee collaboration

CI&T’s Smart Canvas is one of five platforms identified by Forrester Research for making strides in solving the “collaboration paradox”

Improving the ways employees communicate and collaborate has always been top of mind for enterprises, more so now than ever. Collaboration platforms have been available for a while, but only recently with the emergence of machine learning, are we starting to see more valuable connections driven between employees with problems to other employees who can help provide a solution.

Nigel Fenwick, Forrester Research, Inc. Vice President and Principal Analyst recently published the June, 2015 report, “Resolving the Collaboration Paradox,” which identifies collaboration platforms that are making strides in this front, including CI&T’s Smart Canvas.

Please see below for Forrester’s assessment of Smart Canvas:

Smart Canvas by CI&T aims to solve the problem of helping customers and employees find information that is most relevant to their immediate needs. The idea behind Smart Canvas is that there is simply too much information for anyone to stay informed and up to date on what is most important for them.

- Ingests content from multiple sources. Smart Canvas can aggregate data from a variety of sources in the external environment, such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as the internal environment, such as a corporate intranet, file-sharing services, and internal social media. This provides a deep source of knowledge within the system.

- Builds “cards” to highlight information. Smart Canvas builds a virtual card deck, with each card representing a summary of the data it has found across the various platforms. The system uses these cards to present information in a more visually appealing display than a typical file folder list.

- Uses algorithms to highlight the most relevant information. The “secret sauce” of Smart Canvas is the ability of the system to learn what’s most relevant to each person using the system.

The complete report is available to Forrester clients or for purchase via this link:

Brazilian team earns honorable mention in WVEF Tech Challenge 2015

Prize includes participation in the ITC’s Youth and Trade Program and attendance at the World Trade Organization event in Nairobi.

Last week saw the culmination of many months of hard work for EmpowerIt - the Brazilian team that participated in the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF) Tech Challenge. The team was named a finalist in the challenge and attended the WVEF event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

While a team from Kenya was ultimately selected as the winner, the EmpowerIt team was granted an honorable mention for their solution, a digital platform to facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services between businesswomen. The team was focused on reaching entrepreneurs in rural areas and the solution included features for chat, profiles and videos. The EmpowerIt team has been invited to participate in the Youth and Trade Program of the ITC which will provide them with support and guidance to incubate their ideas and develop their business skills. They were also invited to travel in December to Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ministerial Council of the World Trade Organization. The team at the WVEF event was Brenda Miranda and Marcela Alvesalso. They also represented team members Vini Alkin, Wallacy Cleyton and Natalí Araújo.

Congratulations to the team!

To read more about the winners of the WVEF Tech Challenge, click here:

Agile organizations use business complexity points to determine the cost of developing business features

CI&T’s methodology included in new report by Forrester Research

In the not so distant past, cost control and efficiency were the top of mind goals for application delivery leaders. These goals have quickly become secondary, and modern application delivery leaders are focused on delivering value to the business and its customers, as quickly as possible. To achieve this, a new set of metrics are required to help monitor and improve the value delivery.

In a July, 2015 report from +Forrester Research Inc. , “Build the Right Things Better and Faster with Modern Application Delivery Metrics,” report authors Diego lo Giudice and Kurt Bittner identify the metrics, practices and tools that connect business outcomes to app delivery performance.

CI&T is mentioned in this research in a discussion of the importance of cost and productivity, but not at the expense of agility:

Stakeholders want innovation but still value predictability. Pyrrhic victories are never popular. Business stakeholders want to win but with costs that provide profitable margins. Predictability is important, too. Modern applications are paired with changes in business processes that must be orchestrated with precision to be successful. Digital services firm CI&T, which contributed significantly to Coca-Cola’s Happiness Flag project for the 2014 World Cup, has defined its own methodology to calculate what it calls business complexity points to determine the cost of developing business features.

The complete report is available to Forrester clients or for purchase via this link:

The key to understanding multichannel digital journeys

Mobile First/Customer First, Understanding Change Management, Increasing Speed Of Technical Advances are the main take-aways

What we've learned from our interviews, says

"The article highlights a feeling commonly held by today's CMO: "analytics and the speed of technology can be paralytic without a practical and disciplined approach". Having a plan that thoughtfully connect the pieces of the puzzle - including owned data, user data, and market data - is key to understanding users multichannel digital journeys. These gained insights enable a response to users in the right moment". +Felipe Brito

CI&T at SXSW: Startup Culture Isn’t Confined to Silicon Valley

New book highlights lesser-known markets driving innovation every day

Not surprisingly, startup culture and potential is a big topic here at +SXSW. One session that I found to be very interesting compared different markets around the US that are prime locations to launch a startup called “Screw the Valley: The New Tech Startup Culture,” based on a book of the same name by Timothy Sprinkle.

The author argued that Silicon Valley is still the first location many think of when they want to establish a startup, but in reality the barriers to entry there are so significant - considering cost, talent, and access to capital. With technology-driven opportunities to simplify collaboration at an affordable price point, opportunities are everywhere and his book profiles seven cities that he believes offer a superior landscape for tech startups: Detroit, New York City, Las Vegas, Austin, Kansas City, Raleigh-Durham, and Boulder.

I love seeing people embrace the concept that bright ideas are not geographically limited, and that innovation is happening every day, everywhere, all around the country. The result is more inspiration, inclusion and success.

CI&T and Nearshore Executive Alliance

Listen to our webinar and download our joint whitepaper

This week, CI&T's Business Director +Felipe Brito joined fellow members of the Nearshore Executive Alliance to discuss highlights of our joint whitepaper titled Leveraging the Benefits of Nearshore for Agile and Lean.

Did you know that Nearshore can translate cultural affinity and creativity into a problem solving mentality; similar time zone into visibility; and responsiveness and geographical proximity into cost reduction and better time-to-market. All using Agile and Lean!

To listen to the webinar, click here:
To read our whitepaper, click here:

Contact us to find out how CI&T can help you reap these benefits!

Curated News: IT Leaders Need Split Personalities

Bruno Guicardi, CI&T's President North America, highlights the new reality and Gartner's bi-modal thinking.

IT Leaders Need Split Personality, Gartner Says
in +InformationWeek

"We've been long advocating that the emerging technologies enabling new digital business should be handled very differently from an IT perspective. All the processes, methods, roles and responsibilities we devised in the last decades were made to manage IT, be simple and less costly. This helped the company bottom line by just providing "good-enough" services and being the cheapest possible. Looking at big trends recently, they all make sense to meet that goal: outsourcing, offshore, industrialization of IT etc. But now these new technologies can create new business models and influence your top line. So cost is not the sole driver anymore and "good-enough" it is just not acceptable. The new reality calls for different approaches, processes and use of resources. Welcome bi-modal thinking!" +Bruno Guicardi


Our project with Coca-Cola tops Google's Creative Shortlist

CI&T helped Coca-Cola build a global campaign blending creativity and technology to unite the world.

The project CI&T helped build for Coca-Cola is at the top of Google's Creative Shortlist!

"A crowd-sourced mosaic flag unites football fans around the world."

CI&T is honored to be part of this success together with +Google Cloud Platform

Also, CI&T's involvement in this project was featured on Google's Creative Sandbox which highlights ideas that blend creativity and technology:

Curated News: Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) @ J.P. Morgan

CI&T's Felipe Brito highlights the importance of this article re: Enterprise Agile

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) @ J.P. Morgan
in +InfoQ

"Enterprise Agility has become reality even in highly regulated environments as Finance Services and Life Sciences. This article shares valuable lessons learned @ J.P. Morgan during their journey into agility at scale." +Felipe Brito

Google announces impressive price cuts for cloud and more

Comparison: Google vs AWS pricing

Great news coming out of yesterday's event. Highlights include a big price slash as well as the possibility to create hybrid architectures (GAE and GCE) seamlessly. Impressive!

Check out this comparison of Google vs AWS:

We specialize in Enterprise Agile

In a recent Forrester report, CI&T was identified as one of only three service providers who are 100% agile.

At CI&T, we adapt Agile methodologies so that they work best for enterprise and large-scale engagements. Agile development is a conceptual framework of software engineering based on iterative and incremental development, specifically tailored to accelerate value generation and real running software.

CI&T has mastered the Scrum methodology. Scrum is based on sprints, a concentrated development effort of time-boxed iterations. By using Scrum, we can deliver results more quickly, while also promoting flexibility to address customer needs.

Since our inception, we have been recognized by the market as a technology and software development process trailblazer, and also for the uniqueness of our people development process. CI&T migrated to Scrum in 2006 and right off the bat our customers were adhering to the methodology incredibly quickly. Agile development goes hand-in-hand with Lean IT to deliver value and eliminate waste to help our customers reduce costs and improve quality. CI&T skillfully combines all these concepts to help customers understand the power of value engineering and prioritization, so everything should be connected to the outcomes expected by the business areas. We build what matters first. With many certified Scrum Masters, CI&T is a market leader in successfully employing large-scale agile development with enterprise clients such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo! and many others. We think that makes us "Better than 100% Agile!"

*Rightsource Your Agile-Lean Ecosystem* by Diego lo Giudice, September 4, 2012