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Transform your business

with Google Cloud Platform

CI&T is one of the biggest Google Cloud Partners in the world and the 2013 Google Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform LATAM.

We have the biggest army of certified Google Cloud Developers on the planet and we can definitely help you to not only safely move to the cloud, but also take the most out of the journey.

By using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), CI&T will help your enterprise business become agile in these 10 WAYS:

1) You can change the conversation between IT and the business by responding to business requirements more quickly.
2) You don’t have to waste time and money setting up hardware and software.
3.) You only pay for what you use.
4.) Your staff can focus their effort on the parts of their solutions that actually deliver value.
5.) You can spend more time on your core competency and strategic initiatives; less time on infrastructure.
6.) You can afford to explore new possibilities because the model means that the risks and costs are low.
7.) You can provision cloud resources more quickly than on-premise resources, enabling you to move faster as a company.
8.) You use widely known languages and standards for faster development.
9.) You can easily integrate Google Apps and other software solutions.
10.) You continually reap the benefits of innovation: without lifting a finger you get access to new features and improvements to current features - you can simply begin using those services: no upgrades, no patching, no downtime.

With CI&T as your GCP partner, you'll rest assured you are in the hands of enterprise cloud experts with years of experience leading the largest scale integrations.

Contact us to find out how CI&T can help you too!

CI&T and Nearshore Executive Alliance

Listen to our webinar and download our joint whitepaper

This week, CI&T's Business Director +Felipe Brito joined fellow members of the Nearshore Executive Alliance to discuss highlights of our joint whitepaper titled Leveraging the Benefits of Nearshore for Agile and Lean.

Did you know that Nearshore can translate cultural affinity and creativity into a problem solving mentality; similar time zone into visibility; and responsiveness and geographical proximity into cost reduction and better time-to-market. All using Agile and Lean!

To listen to the webinar, click here:
To read our whitepaper, click here:

Contact us to find out how CI&T can help you reap these benefits!

Digital Transformation Strategies Webinar

Acquia and CI&T host webinar on Dec 3 - sign up now

+Acquia and +CI&T United States are hosting a webinar titled "Digital Transformation Strategies for Enterprises: Successful Stories & How to Make It Happen." Join +David Aponovich, Sr. Director, Digital Experience, Acquia; +Felipe Brito, Business Director, CI&T; and +Felipe Rubim, Head of Operations & Technology, CI&T on December 3 at 11am EST to learn how large enterprises and brands are delivering scalable, agile, innovation in a digital-dominant world.

Sign up here now:

CI&T and Adobe form strategic partnership

"CI&T's extensive market experience to add agility and reliability to Adobe customer projects"

CI&T has entered into an agreement with +Adobe to serve as a strategic partner for the use of its enterprise digital marketing products. CI&T and Adobe combine expertise to generate end-to-end solutions, from business consulting to project implementation, maintaining business continuity. The partnership focuses on digital content production and delivery across different platforms and devices, as well as collection and analysis of digital metrics. Specifically, both companies bring strong knowledge of artificial intelligence, customized solution deliveries, content distribution in mobile web and PhoneGap development.

According to Luiz Maian, commercial manager of partner accounts for Adobe, "Advanced solutions like Adobe Marketing Cloud require partners such as CI&T, who are able to maintain quality in all project stages. The combination of Adobe's technology and CI&T's expertise enables the delivery of real digital marketing solutions (solution = technology + services). Moreover, CI&T's extensive market experience will add agility and reliability to our customer projects," said Maian.

Coca-Cola Happiness Flag at Atmosphere Live!

Join Google's live event to hear about how CI&T used Google Cloud Platform to build the Coca-Cola Happiness Flag.

We are excited about +Google for Work's Atmosphere Live happening this Wednesday Oct 1 from 11:45am - 2:30pm EDT

See how CI&T used +Google Cloud Platform to power the Coca-Cola Happiness Flag for the +2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

Google featured this story on their blog here:

It's not too late to register:

Find out how CI&T can create transformational software for your business. Contact us here:

Age of the Customer

Look no further than today’s research streams at Forrester from Diego lo Giudice, Kurt Bittner, Phil Murphy and John Rymer.

We are all becoming increasingly customer-obsessed - and rightfully so. The digital world offers so many more opportunities to find and engage customers (on a variety of channels and devices), and just as many avenues for them to voice their praise or displeasure. Building positive relationships and better serving customers should be job - no matter what side of the business you are on.

A great place to see this transformation in action across nearly every industry is +Forrester Research and its current focus on the age of the customer for customer experience, marketing leaders, and not least of all, application development and delivery.

We’ve been tracking this firsthand and even offering our own insight on occasion. Here are some of our favorite reports on the subject from analysts Diego lo Giudice, Kurt Bittner, Phil Murphy and John Rymer.

Overcoming Barriers To Modern Application Delivery by Diego Lo Giudice and Kurt Bittner

How Customer Obsession Is Remaking The AD&D Landscape by John R, Rymer

Define A Software Delivery Strategy For Business Innovation by Diego Lo Giudice and Kurt Bittner

Transform Application Delivery To Improve Business Agility by Phil Murphy

Modern Application Delivery Demands A Modern Organization by Kurt Bittner

CI&T wins client by bringing visibility & predictability to agile

Major energy company switches Agile shops to strike balance between “state-of-art software” and “business-ready” solutions.

In a recent Forrester Research report, CI&T was noted as one of only three companies that is 100% Agile. This recognition sparked the attention of a major North American energy infrastructure company who believed in the Agile methodology but was not getting the desired results with their current IT consultancy - a well-known Agile-based systems development company.

During a comprehensive selection process, CI&T was required to quickly demonstrate knowledge and depth of experience in Agile for complex enterprise engagements. Ultimately, CI&T won the new business and in the fall of 2013 took over responsibility for the entire project.

CI&T’s strength is visibility/predictability for delivery, finding the right balance between “state-of-art software” and “business-ready” solutions and an overall velocity/speed to deliver.

The importance of metrics
When CI&T opened up a discussion regarding metrics, the energy company was impressed with the level of information. If things are not going in the desired direction, having metrics will help identify where things are lacking or falling behind. This information provides better predictability and better retrospective analysis. Previously, the energy company did not have this information to be able to avoid future problems.

Systematic approach to information
CI&T believes in a systematic approach for sharing information and learning across our client teams. By documenting the learnings and good things that may have happened with one client, we are able to leverage to other clients. All of our clients start with a common foundation, then benefit from our previous experience and grow together.

When CI&T started working with the energy company, their teams were working independently. Any project team could choose or define projects as they wished, but they didn’t pull in learning from other teams or clients. No cross-learning among teams is a waste of knowledge and resources. CI&T avoids these pitfalls for our customers by sharing our learning.

Contact us to start a conversation about how CI&T can create transformational software for your business:

TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2014

CI&T executives joined a week of inspiration and innovation

Today, it is the most coveted event in technological innovation: TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. This year’s conference was buzzing with the attendance of many celebrities in the high-tech world including Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of; Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor and author of books such as the Innovator’s Dilemma; Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of Uber; Max Levchin, co-founder of Paypal and several other companies; and Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo.

The coolest event of the week (as always) was Battlefield - a competition between startups where entrepreneurs have six minutes to charm the panel and audience with their innovative solutions. Our favorite vinli and shipstr were finalists, but alfredclub was named the winner - an upset when considering the level of innovation involved.

Nonetheless, in parallel to the pitches during the day, startups from around the world presented their solutions in the pavilion. For us at CI&T, it was a great opportunity to connect these startups to our customers, and work innovatively to solve business problems while guaranteeing flawless execution. Also, we saw a remarkable number of hardware products launch this year including, such as a ring to control devices through gestures (nod), a helmet for motorcycles with a 360 degree view and technology similar to Google Glass (skully), and a pen that allows you to write on paper while capturing your creations digitally in real-time (equil smartpen). And of course the already "commonplace" technologies such as robots, drones, and 3D printers.

This year, the NewCo festival took place on Thursday and Friday after TechCrunch Disrupt and allowed us to visit several companies such as Pinterest, PCH, IDEO, Betabrands, Shopseen and Carbonlighthouse.

All in all, it was an inspiring week which will certainly bear fruit soon. Our team at the event included: +Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP of Innovation, +Daniel Viveiros, Head of Product Engineering, +Paulo Roberto Camara, Head of Digital, and +Fábio Carmona, West Coast Manager.

The world's Lean gurus unite at Lean Summit 2014 in Brazil

Annual summit is a meeting of the best minds in Lean management and leadership.

This week's Lean Summit 2014 in São Paulo provided a unique opportunity for the world's leading thought leaders on lean management and IT to come together and discuss the future of the industry. Pictured here from left to right are Jose Roberto Ferro, president of Lean Institute Brazil, and speakers +Cesar Gon, CEO of CI&T, John Shook, Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute, +Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP of Innovation at CI&T, and Jim Morgan co-author of The Toyota Product Development System.

Cesar Gon presented on a panel called "Learning from Hoshin Kanri" and shared how CI&T has benefited from running four annual A3s for the entire organization, seeking innovative ways to grow.

Leo Mattiazzi spoke during a session called '"Integrating lean and innovation." The panel was introduced as "3 iconic companies when it comes in innovation: 3M, Embraer, and CI&T."

We look forward to the next opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with these legendary Lean thinkers!

CIOs say Google most innovative company of the next 10 years

As a top Google Cloud partner, CI&T is proud to be part of this future.

So, where's innovation coming from? According to Gartner's 2014 CIO Agenda, when looking at innovation over the next 10 years Google outranks the usual tech vendors who have held prominence in the last decade. Specifically, more than two thousand CIOs were asked "Which technology company has been the most influential over the last 10 years? and which will be in the next 10?" Gartner's CIO survey is an annual appraisal of CIO priorities and includes all major industries and geographies; in total it represents more than $300 billion in IT spending.

CI&T is proud to be a 2013 Google Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform, and we believe that through this strong partnership we are poised to innovate the most complex enterprise wide cloud solutions for our clients. We've already seen amazing results building The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag ( and moving critical aspects of SulAmerica's insurance business to the cloud with GCP. Additionally, we believe that solutions built on the +Google Cloud Platform have the potential to create entirely new use cases and different lines of business for our clients. We have only begun to scratch the surface of innovating with Google Cloud!

Business Value Engineering Framework

How to deliver better projects in a more collaborative environment

CI&T's Sr Project Manager, +Tissiana Costa, shares her expertise on agile methodology for enterprise level engagements in this detailed framework for understanding business value engineering. Tissiana has many years of experience leading the most complex Agile projects, including The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag ( - Coca-Cola's ambitious global digital marketing campaign for this year's FIFA World Cup.

We encourage you to read our complete white paper by going here,, and requesting permission to view the document. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Coca-Cola Happiness Flag shortlisted for MMA's Smarties Award

We're excited to have been included among the best in global mobile marketing.

CI&T and Coca-Cola have been selected as finalists in the Mobile Marketing Association's 2014 Global Smarties Awards! The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag campaign has been nominated in the category "Use of Mobile Social Media."

The MMA received hundreds of submissions from over 30 countries, a true reflection of the increasing importance of mobile marketing in bringing brands closer to their consumers.

The Global Smarties Gala will take place October 1 in New York City and culminates the MMA’s SM2 Innovation Summit during Advertising Week Sept 30-Oct 1. For more details:

We are very pleased to be joining an impressive shortlist of mobile marketing excellence for MMA's Global (#MMAglobal) Smarties Awards!

CI&T and Coca-Cola present "The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag"

Together we shared our success story with the Technology Association of Georgia.

Earlier this month, +Tissiana Costa - CI&T's Sr Project Manager, and +Andrew Osterday - Coca-Cola's Global Digital Strategist and Brand Manager spoke at the Technology Association of Georgia (#TAGthink) marketing event about The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag project.

Tissiana said: "For the +2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, Coca-Cola invited all fans from around the world to come together around their shared love of football in the largest marketing campaign in company history. Coca-Cola believes that football is a power for good, in that it brings people together no matter who they are or where they're from. Coca-Cola and CI&T delivered on this promise to make 2014 the most inclusive, most participatory FIFA World Cup ever. "

CI&T used the +Google Cloud Platform to build the software behind The Coca-Cola Happiness Flag.

Check out the presentation from the event here:

Special thanks to the Technology Association of Georgia (#TAGthink) for the opportunity to share this success story with their audience.


CI&T is a Great Place to Work!

For the 8th consecutive year, CI&T ranks among the best companies to work for in Brazil.

CI&T was just named among the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil by the Great Place to Work Institute!

We are especially proud of this award because it a direct result of the feedback of our employees.

Award winners are selected from survey results that measure employee confidence in the organization, as well as best practices in team management. CI&T was judged in the "Large Size" category which includes companies with over 1,000 employees. From all the 5.2 million companies in Brazil, only 100 were selected by Great Place to Work.

We are so proud to be one of only ten companies who have been awarded this honor for eight consecutive years. Not to mention the only technology company!

We would like to extend a big thank you to our collaborators who, we believe, make CI&T great - Count on us!

We are a Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner

And proud of it!

CI&T is now a Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner!

We are proud to continuously support and grow the Drupal community and project!

CI&T launches new space for makers

The Garage was inaugurated in Campinas, Brazil, back in May

The great coders and great minds at CI&T like to discuss about prototypes and futuristic uses of new technologies, and are always interested in hands-on projects. Therefore, CI&T created a space dedicated to the curious and makers among the staff: The Garage at our headquarters in Campinas, Brazil.

In a world where computers and smartphones are already mainstream technologies, the next step is the appearance of new ways of interacting with technology: kinetics, leap motion, drones, 3D printing and wearables in general. The hardware platforms available for experiments are a delight for those who in the 80s used to call themselves hobbyists.

The applications are unlimited and largely unexplored, and the prediction is that by 2020 there will be 50 billion mobile devices connected to the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything.

The inauguration of The Garage happened with demos of the available equipments: drones, Arduino, Google Chromecast, Oculus, Kinetic, Raspberry Pi, Little Bits, Mindstorms and other gadgets. The space represents concretely one of CI&T's strategic goals: to create an environment that fosters innovation through collaboration among the teams. All CI&T's collaborators are called to experiment, tinker, fiddle and put together projects and prototypes.

We can't wait to play with the future!

The Garage at CI&T Campinas Campus

Are you a Drupal Ninja?

We are always holding a job for you!

New York | New Jersey | Philadelphia

Come join us and work on challenging projects using the Drupal Platform. CI&T is one of the largest Drupal powerhouses on the planet, and we are constantly looking for talented engineers that share our passion for the platform.

- Strong Drupal 6 and 7 background is mandatory.

- History of contributions to the Drupal and open-source communities is an awesome qualification.

Already contributing to Drupal 8 development? Needless to say, neat!

To apply just go here:

CI&T is a 100% Agile company

Data Scientists needed

Come join our passion for data, BIG data...

Data Scientists

New York | New Jersey

We are seeking Data Scientists to join our product teams.

- Work closely with a product engineering team to identify and answer important product questions
- Answer product questions by using appropriate statistical techniques on available data
- Communicate findings to product managers and engineers
- Drive the collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources
- Analyze and interpret the results of product experiments
- Develop best practices for instrumentation and experimentation and communicate those to product engineering teams

- M.S. or Ph.D. in a relevant technical field, or 4+ years experience in a relevant role
- Extensive experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches
- Comfort manipulating and analyzing complex, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
- A strong passion for empirical research and for answering hard questions with data
- A flexible analytic approach that allows for results at varying levels of precision
- Ability to communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner
- Familiarity with relational databases and SQL
- Expert knowledge of an analysis tool such as R, Matlab, or SAS

To apply just go here:

The future of Drupal, Part II

Two of CI&T’s Drupal Engineers recap DrupalCon Austin and weigh in on the future of the project

We asked two of our Drupal Engineers, +Caio Luppi and +Luis Ribeiro, to share their thoughts on this year’s +DrupalCon Austin and give us their perspective on how the project will impact our industry in the future. Here’s part two of that conversation:

What stood out in your view?

[Luis] Twig, new layout framework in Drupal 8. Talking about look and feel, Drupal 8 has adopted Twig and now has a responsive theme throughout the core. Twig is a modern template engine for PHP well known to be very flexible, fast and secure. Twig was created by Fabien Potencier, the father of the Symfony Framework.

These changes bring a modernized front end making themes more secure and flexible. The idea here, such as Symfony adoption is to bring more front end developers to the Drupal world.

[Luis] Google and Drupal Community: “Google is the big Box of the Web”, this phrase shows what Google represents for the Drupal community. At the conference, it was proposed that Google is causing a disintermediation of the web and creating a new e-commerce experience controlling all the pieces that interact with the process. Despite the respect and representation that Google has throughout the Drupal community, the solution was just briefly mentioned during the keynote and as an example of an option during another Cloud hosting presentation that was focused on the Azure Solution. This is something that could change for the next DrupalCon events because Google Cloud is an amazing solution and could be used more and more as part of Drupal solutions. (see CI&T’s experiment: Is Google App Engine PHP ready for Drupal? )

[Luis] AUTOMATED FRONTEND TESTING: One of the most impressive sessions that I had the opportunity to attend demonstrated solutions around the functional testing on the frontend. The session detailed how these solutions can help speed up the performance of your front end validations and track performance and regularly measure trends for your improvements. The tools used in this session were CasperJS, Phantomas, and Wraith. The session showed how someone can visually diff her development branches against master and verify that nothing changed except the items she wanted to change.

Would you say DrupalCon is for newbies? Experts? Or is there something for everyone? How “globalized” was the audience?

[Luis] DrupalCon will always offer something for everyone. There are different types of talks like training for people that are having their first contact with Drupal, sessions that cover all kinds of expertise and contribution sprints focused on developers with more expertise.

Despite the fact that the event was in the USA I had the opportunity to talk to developers from Belgium, Peru, Brazil, Australia and Germany. We saw a huge amount of people that came from other countries and continents to enjoy the conference.

Any tips for Drupalistas considering joining upcoming DrupalCons?

[Luis] DrupalCon is an amazing opportunity to understand what is going on around the Drupal world and more than that, is an huge opportunity to share knowledge about Drupal development.

What would you like to see in upcoming DrupalCons (consider Europe and South America scenarios) that you missed in Austin?

[Luis] A date for the Drupal 8 Release would be awesome :). I was expecting more content about Cloud Hosting and automated migration process, so, sessions about these subjects would be well received by the community.

So, overall, where is Drupal going?

[Caio] As Luis mentioned, Drupal 8 will most likely not be launched this year. The Drupal release cycle is shifting to be more iterative towards continuous improvement. Future releases will be semantic - i.e. targeting something specific such as layout or media - and progressively enhance Drupal up until it's ready for its 9th major version. In a much more agile manner, Drupal will stay more up-to-date and relevant in a much shorter time span and hopefully address the community's concern.

Lots of exciting developments in the world of Drupal. We are excited to be joining forces with +Acquia and can’t wait for DrupalCon Amsterdam in September and Bogotá in 2015!

Mastering Drupal & Hackathons: great combination!

Maurício Borges, CI&T's Head of Technology, shares his perspective on this winning dynamic.

Mastering Drupal & Hackathons: great combination!

CI&T is an Enterprise Agile Technology Company. In an agile environment, it is paramount that our engineers and architects master technologies really fast ! As Drupal 8 is on the horizon, we were facing the following challenge: how can our team of more than 300 Drupalists get up to speed with the new version?

Part of the answer: Hackathons! Last June, we did this year's 9th Hackathon, in a partnership with Drupal Community titan Acquia. *

But what's so special about the Hackathons? As a social event, great people get together and are really, really focused on solving a challenge. And solving it fast. So Hackathons generate a lot of energy, focus and knowledge exchange.

And the process used during the Hackathon is important as well. Every group has a sensei, a person that is there to ensure that everybody takes part on reaching the team's goal ! Having everybody on the same boat unleashes TRUE COLLABORATION. So, Hackathons are really not about the best individuals coding as fast as possible. Hackathons are about the best individuals forming marvelous teams that, when constrained in time, collaborate to learn and come up with awesome results.

Results? Many. One of them? The teams migrated 8 modules to Drupal 8 **. In one day of coding !! It seems it woks really well, huh? :)

That's why Hackathons are here at CI&T to stay!

Maurício Borges
Head of Technology
* And as I write this, we have already done 2 more Hackathons!

** And we had some Drupal newbies on the Hackathons. At the end, it was really great to hear this feedback many times: "I think I learned more of Drupal 8 in this Hackathon than ever before". It's really intense learning.

The future of Drupal

Two of CI&T’s Drupal Engineers recap DrupalCon Austin and weigh in on the future of the project

+DrupalCon Austin is always the biggest +Drupal event of the year. CI&T sent a large delegation to join the global conversation about Drupal as an important open source project. We think it’s extremely exciting to see the dimension Drupal is taking and are proud to be joining forces with +Acquia.

We asked two of our Drupal Engineers - +Caio Luppi and +Luis Ribeiro - to share their thoughts on this year’s event and give us their perspective on how the project will impact our industry. Here’s part one of that conversation:

One of the most anticipated sessions at every DrupalCon is Drupal founder, +Dries Buytaert keynote.
What were the main takeaways on that session?

[Luis] Dries keynote focused on how the web is changing and how the open web is closing up every day due the fact that big players like Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google are creating a huge user experience closer to the front end of the web. Even with this scenario, Dries believes that brands don't want to share customers and most importantly, want to own the experience. Dries says this is the space that Drupal should fill.

Talking about the evolution of Drupal 8, Dries highlighted the importance of adopting Symfony and Twig and how this action has standardized the core and attracted more people to the Drupal world. Also, Dries mentioned how the data model has changed compared to Drupal 7, adding more fields to the existing engine and improvements to make the entities and views completely restful - improving the interaction with other systems.

With this scenario and with the Drupal 8 improvements, Dries believes that Drupal 8 allows us to embrace the big players, creating a content repository through which other frameworks and systems can interact.

Unfortunately we still don't have the official date for Drupal 8’s launch. Dries mentioned there were 15 beta blockers and 99 critical bugs still to be resolved. He believes Drupal 8 should be available by the middle of 2015 but it is not recommended to have a production site using Drupal 8 yet.

[Caio] As tradition goes, Dries kicked off the conference by going over the state of Drupal and his vision for the future. Dries first talked about how innovation comes in waves from time to time. In the web context, websites evolved from static (html) to dynamic (scripts + database), and today we are in the assembled web era (modules, APIs, webservices, and so forth). Dries predicts that the next wave will be all about making the user experience as seamless and rich as possible. Two examples were given: making commerce on the web easier by removing steps required to make purchases and improving search by adding meaningful context and insights. This upcoming generation will enhance existing or bring new elements to the table to improve user experience including: machine learning, social login, geolocation, wearable tech, and more.

One key effect of this new era's strive for improved user experience is the open web converging to a low number of platforms owned by tech giants. Dries mentioned Google several times throughout his presentation as a big player that is continuously broadening its scope and providing more and more resources for a better and richer experience. He said that those big platforms will naturally and progressively take over the web and Drupal sites will end up being the "deep web", as he calls it.

Even though this sounds like bad news for Drupal, Dries pointed out that Drupal 8 will not only allow us to embrace the big players but also help brands that want to completely own their customers' experience. In its new version, Drupal will be able to serve semantic content out of the box, which will allow Google and other big platforms to better discover, rank, and deliver content across channels in context. As a result of that, headless Drupal sites - i.e. sites without visual interface - will become more popular and an easy way to feed content to the big platforms while keeping control over it.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this conversation about the future of Drupal.

CI&T has the most Google Cloud Platform developers in the world!

Our ambitious internal training program illustrates why CI&T is a first choice partner for enterprise cloud engagements

CI&T has just reached an incredible milestone. We have surpassed all other companies in having the most +Google Cloud Platform qualified developers.

Over the past 8 months, CI&T has rolled out a strategic internal training program to ensure that we can offer the most highly skilled Google Cloud Platform workforce to enterprise clients looking to engage with GCP on the most ambitious scale. In fact, Google’s own training program director said "in my 23 years of training experience I've never seen a company accomplish what you guys have accomplished - to get so many people at once through a process and have such a high success rate." This speaks to CI&T’s passion for the power of the Google Cloud Platform and our desire to be the best partner capable of creating inspiring new use cases - at scale - for our enterprise clients.

To date, CI&T has collected 120 new certificates and now we have 20+ developers fully certified in the five disciplines (Cloud Storage, Big Query, GAE, Cloud SQL and Google Compute Engine). This is the biggest army of Google Cloud Platform Qualified Developers on the planet! And we are not going to stop as we have more than 70 others eager to join CI&T's GCP Qualified Developer "Hall of Fame" like +Daniel Viveiros featured here.

Forrester Research’s Resident Agile Expert Visits CI&T

Diego lo Giudice joined us on a Gemba walk in Campinas, Brazil

We were so happy to host +Forrester Research's Vice President and Principal analyst Diego lo Giudice at our headquarters in Campinas, Brazil this month. We’ve long been fans of his research on Agile methodologies and were even featured in two of his reports, “Justify Agile With Shorter, Faster Development” and “Rightsource Your Agile-Lean Ecosystem,” so it was great to have him on our turf to see our Agile teams at work. We are also actively contributing to his current research efforts around modern application delivery so the visit was another opportunity for him to “take a closer look.”

We started our day with a Gemba walk to show Diego how we work. Diego visited our application development and management teams working with clients like TransCanada and Coca-Cola. He also visited “The Garage” - a dedicated area at CI&T that offers new technologies and devices for people to create side projects - see, touch and develop solutions - arduino systems, 3D printing, drones, etc. Diego also spent time with our Digital Studio, a new group that serves the growing market demand for innovative digital and mobile services.

From our perspective, we not only shared learnings about our work in Agile engagements - we have been 100% agile since 2007 - but also discussed the lean framework and continuous improvement concepts. Diego shared some valuable recommendations about how CI&T can drive even more strategic initiatives for our customers, and we shared how DevOps and automation have been essential in reducing cycle times and optimizing value streams for our clients.

It was a great visit and we look forward to his next visit to Brazil!

Run a Hackathon, Inspire Passion for Drupal

Insightful blogpost from Acquia's Adam Malone details the success behind CI&T's recent Drupal 8 Hackathon

+Acquia's +Adam Malone wrote a terrific post today recapping +CI&T Brasil's recent Drupal 8 Hackathon. We think he hits the nail on the head when it comes to why we love Hackathons. Adam writes:

"One of my favourite ways of learning and rapidly spreading ideas to many is to run a Hackathon. The amazing thing about Hackathons in general is twofold:
1) Meeting with like-minded and passionate people who share a genuine desire to further themselves and Drupal;
2) The sheer concentrated brainpower in one room, conducive to leaps in development. What I experienced at the CI&T Hackathon in Campinas, Brazil was another great example of these."

Read the full post here:

Nearshore is a must for agile and lean

Good collaboration is the key to success

As any Scrum Master will tell you, good collaboration between the client and the project team can make or break the agile project. When using agile methodologies or lean principles, success is dependent upon both teams really being in sync and maintaining continuous communication. Brazilian providers of Nearshore services, like CI&T, can offer proximity of time zone, a similar cultural communication style (limiting costly misunderstandings,) and an ability to adapt to the changes needed to deliver value at each stage of the development cycle. These benefits of nearshore IT services foster engagement and innovation during each sprint guaranteeing value to the customer.

We'd love to continue the conversation with you about how CI&T's nearshore IT services can add value and drive innovation for your business. Count on us! #ciandt 

It's Brazil! The most attractive option for nearshore IT services

Companies look to BR to reap benefits of time zone proximity, an ever-growing tech workforce, and a culture that's creative and flexible.

Why would companies chose Brazil for nearshore IT services? Well, to quote an article in ZDNet ( from a few year's back, "It's Brazil! They have Rio!"

All kidding aside, culturally, Brazilians are incredibly flexible and open to new ideas, fostering innovation and progressive ways of doing business. Brazil has a population of nearly 200 million with over 2 million IT experts (and growing) according to Brasscom, the Brazilian Association of IT and Communication Companies. Brazil has long been a top candidate for North American companies that want to outsource their IT engagements closer to home. With just an hour or two time difference from São Paulo, Rio, and Campinas where CI&T is headquartered, Brazil is a great choice for North American companies who would prefer not having to staff a project manager to take meetings at off hours.

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CI&T and Acquia host Drupal 8 Hackathon

We partnered with Acquia to grow the Drupal global community.

CI&T can never have enough Hackathons! We simply love them! Last Thursday and Friday, CI&T hosted another +Drupal 8 Hackathon with our partner +Acquia at our global headquarters in Campinas, Brazil. With Drupal gaining more and more momentum as a solution for large enterprises, our goal was to bring everybody a bit closer to what Drupal 8 is all about. The challenge for each team was to migrate one module from the community to Drupal 8.

The results were amazing!!! Besides deep diving into the new Drupal 8 architecture, all groups were able to successfully migrate at least one module, and one group was able to migrate 2 modules, among them: Filter Protocols, Language Icons, Login Security, Comment RSS, 403to404 and the Security Kit (see links below).

At the opening of the event +Angela Byron (aka Webchick; Director of Community Development at Acquia) joined via hangout, followed by a module migration for Drupal 8 "On the Fly" by our special guests +Adam Malone and +Hernâni Borges de Freitas from Acquia, showing everyone how to do it, and helping all participants with their questions. There was also a raffle for 3 licenses of PHPStorm, brought by +Anderson Casimiro (DuoDraco) of +JetBrains.

Each team had its own dynamics, succeeding through the use of Agile methodologies, not to mention the Kanban and Dojos that allowed those participants that didn’t know Drupal to join together in the end with the most experienced developers.

By the end of the Hackathon, the prizes were given to the teams who migrated the Security Kit and the Login Security. They also received a voucher to become a Drupal Acquia Certified Developer and the opportunity to join a hangout with Angela Byron.

Our congratulations to all participants with special thanks to the Senseis and Acquia teams! We are proud to help grow the global Drupal community, and can’t wait for the next one!

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Posts related to the event:

Migrated modules:
403 to 404:
Login Security:
Language Icons:
Filter Procotols:

Thanks to +Felipe Antonio Souza Dewulf who originally shared this post:

The Fizz Behind Coca-Cola's Massive World Cup Campaign

CI&T spoke with AdExchanger about the challenges behind building the Happiness Flag

Today, +CI&T United States is featured in +AdExchanger for our role in using +Google Cloud Platform to build the software behind +The Coca-Cola Company's Happiness Flag - the company's largest, global digital marketing campaign ever for the +FIFA WORLD CUP. One of the biggest challenges of launching something so complex - collecting photos from 223,000 fan images from 175 countries submitted via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Email - is trying to keep it simple.

In addition to providing a solution that would work in different cultures, the social media platforms also have different levels of complexity. As +Mars Cyrillo, CI&T's Product and Marketing Director said, “Each social network will establish a limit of calls you can make to APIs, and the protocol to talk to them is different depending on the situation. Coca-Cola also has a very strong security audit you have to go through.”

Read the full article here: #ciandt 

Introducing the Smart Canvas

Smart Canvas anticipates what the customer needs next and serves up the right content, on the right device, at the right moment.

This week, CI&T is proud to unveil +Smart Canvas to help companies better leverage existing digital content to reach and engage their consumers. Built on the +Google Cloud Platform, in partnership with Google, Smart Canvas is a SaaS product that leverages machine learning and advanced predictive analytics algorithms to help companies and their brands personalize customer engagement. Now generally available, the platform is powering a dynamic virtual mosaic of Instagram photos and videos in partnership with +filmbrazil at +Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity that can now be viewed at

Read the press release here:

CI&T featured in Forbes for Coca-Cola's Happiness Flag campaign

We are proud to have helped Coca-Cola unite the world on the pitch before today's opening match

We are just hours away from the opening match of the +2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ and excited to share this article from +Forbes detailing CI&T's role in building the software behind +Coca-Cola's Happiness Flag - a 3,015-square-meter nylon flag comprised of over 200,000 photos collected via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from 207 countries. CI&T used +Google Cloud Platform to power this giant global digital marketing campaign.

In the article, +Bruno Guicardi, co-founder and President North America of CI&T said global reach was the biggest challenge. “The mission was to create a crowdsourced symbol blending creativity and technology to unite the world,” he said. “It needed to be innovative and engaging at a global level, but at the same time simple and flexible enough for marketing teams around the world to be able to roll out the campaign in their local markets.”

Read the full article here:

Gartner says we are cool!

In a recent Gartner report, CI&T was named among the "Cool Vendors in Brazil, 2014"

We are proud to announce that Gartner has named CI&T among the "Cool Vendors in Brazil, 2014." Per

"Brazil continues to gain higher levels of IT maturity in digital industries. With this year's national elections, and the expectation of new Internet and security regulations, Brazilian technology firms need to address the challenges of growth and investment."

Gartner Analysts who participated in this report include: Claudio Neiva, Henrique Cessi, Luis Claudio Mangi, Elia San Miguel, and Allie Young.

Check out the announcement here on

Google Cloud Partner of the Year!

CI&T is named Google LATAM Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform

At this week's Google Global Partner Summit, CI&T received the distinct honor of being named Google's LATAM Partner of the Year 2013 for Cloud Platform.